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The phenomenon of Lucy Voronova is her integrity, her unity of the inner and outer, her experiences and plastic incarnations.

 Her world is strange in our "citatory" postmodern culture. It lives its own unique essence, like the pollen of a flower or the wing of a butterfly, and testifies to its existence directly, like love or a ray of the sun.

 Lucy Voronova provides space with voice and appearance. The artist gives names to her rivers, mountains, trees, animals and stars, and the world finds language, as if was just born in its plastic.

Lyucia Voronova was born in Moscow on December 15, 1953 in Zamoskvorechye.

1969-1970 studied at ZNUI (People’s University of Arts), the workshop of Boris Otarov.

1971-1972 - classes in the art studio of Nugzar Mgaloblishvili.

1972-1978 - the Art Faculty of MTI (Moscow Technological Institute). In 1978 she graduated (with Honours) from the Art Faculty of MTI. Her graduate work was a tapestry "Music". Then she joined the Youth Association of Artists in the USSR Academy of Arts.

   She painted and lived in many countries of the world: Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Panama, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Greece, Norway, Holland, China, and also in the former Soviet republics: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Abkhazia , Belarus.



1985 - Paris Unesco,

1986 - Hungary Sumbathei,

1987 - Award "Best Work of the Year" by Moscow Union of Artists,

1988 - Award "Best Work of the Year" by Moscow Union of Artists, was admitted to the Union of Artists of the USSR.

1995 - the first prize at the international symposium Kvols Denmark.

2013 - RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF ARTS, on the basis of its charter, by decision of the Presidium of 17 09 2013 elected L. Voronova as an honorary member of the Academy of Sciences (Voronova Lyudmila Vladimirovna)

2013 - Awarded with the bronze medal of the Russian Academy of Arts - Honorable, Medal of the Imperial Order of St. Anne


Environment and activities


Participates in exhibitions with artists of the first series:

Natalia Nesterova, Tatyana Nazarenko, Constantin Batynkov, Aron Bukh, Vladimir Yakovlev, Anatoly Zverev, Andrei Grositsky, Boris Kocheyshvili, Yevgeny Gorokhovsky.

One of the last works of Vladimir Yakovlev - "Portrait of Lucy Voronova"

In 2018, the Foundation for the Support of Art by Lucy Voronova was founded.


Rating and top sales https://artinvestment.ru/auctions/45120/


   Examples of statements by experts approved by the artist

"The creativity of naive artists in the twentieth century has always attracted a lot of attention and attracts it even in the XXI century. The naive master looks at everything with joy and delight, with "wide eyes", like a child who enthusiastically discovers the diversity and beauty of the world around him. Everyone remembers the names of the famous "naive" of the last century - Henri Rousseau, Niko Pirosmani, Louise Serafin, Kamil Bombua ... Everyone knows our remarkable naive artists: Katya Medvedev, Pavel Leonov and many others. Lyucia’s name among these is appropriate and deserved."

Andrei Tolstoy, Doctor of Arts.


  "There is one artist who has a vision that distinguishes him from other people, a vision that allows him to look through, like an X-ray, into the very essence of things, the simplest thing in them and the most delicate.

This person absorbed the whole essence of naive art, its immediacy, its nationality - in the sense in which it is universal in terms of its tasks and the answers it gives. Thanks to this person, naive art in Russia has moved to a new level - the level of generalization of lessons learned, information on genres, overcoming of ancient stereotypes and the implementation of new forms.

This person is Lyucia Voronova."

Ksenia Bogemskaya, Doctor of Arts

• The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

• The State Russian Museum St. Petersburg

• Perm Picture Gallery, Perm

• Pskov Art Museum. Pskov

• Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

• Novosibirsk Picture Gallery, Novosibirsk

• Mordovian Republican Museum of Fine Arts by Erzya, Saransk

• State Art Museum of the Altai Territory, Barnaul

• The State Central Museum of Russian History, Moscow

• National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow

• Art Museum, Samara

• Kisten-ke Museum, Frostrup, Denmark

• The Kolodzei Art Foundation, New Jersey Park, USA

• Russian Gallery, Harbin, China

• Red Square Gallery, London, UK

• Magazine Umelec, Prague, Czech Republic

• Picture gallery, Balashikha, Russia

• Museum of Lubok and Naive Art, Moscow

• Art Museum, Kineshma, Russia

• Collection of Igor Dychenko, Kiev, Ukraine

• Center for Contemporary Art, Mars, Moscow

• Konakovo River Club, Konakovo, Tver Region

• Nizhny Tagil Municipal Museum, Nizhny Tagil, Russia

• The Rooster Museum, Petushki, Vladimir Region

• Municipal Art Gallery, Kostroma, Russia

since 1978. (11-18 youth).

1985 - Paris Unesco.

1986 - Hungary Sumbathei.

1987 – Moscow Unian of Artists.

1993 - Untitled. Gallery A-Z, Moscow

1993 - Untitled. Gallery Dar, Moscow

1993 - Untitled. Stifts Museum, Viborg, Denmark

1995 - Untitled. Armtsgården, Viborg, Denmark

1995 - Catch the fish. Velta Gallery, Moscow

1996 - Winter. PS Gallery Gift, Moscow

1996 - Communication is a step into the future. Central House of Artists, Arhus, Denmark

1997 - Untitled. Gallery Hermit-schudio 600, Prague, Czech Republic

1997 - The new homeland of literature and art. Symposium and numerous exhibitions. Kvols, Denmark

1998 - Portrait. Borey Gallery, St. Petersburg

1998 - Landscape. Gallery XXI century, St. Petersburg

1998 - Steder and the knocker. Scovgard Museum, Viborg, Denmark

1999 - Painting on paper. Gallery Bucheray Oberkassel, Dusseldorf, Germany

1999 - Untitled. Gallery of Dex, Panama, Panama

1999 - Untitled. Gallery Fed Kirken, Arhus, Denmark

1999 - Untitled. Gallery SIGNOS, Hotel Radisson, Panama, Panama

1999 - Untitled. Haststatt Heberstube, Dusseldorf, Germany

2000 - Untitled. Velta Gallery, Moscow

2000 - Portrait. Kirsten Ke Museum, Frostrup, Denmark

2006 - Without the title. Mars Gallery, Moscow

2006 - Without the title. Theater of Olomouc, Czech Republic

2006 - Without the title. Embassy of the United States, Moscow

2006 - Oratorio of loneliness. Central House of Artists, Moscow

2007 - Untitled. Russian gallery, Harbin, China

2007 - Urban flowers. Murtuz Gallery, Moscow

2007 - Untitled. ART Manezh, Moscow

2008 - Untitled. Museum of Chelsea, New York, USA

2008 – Untitled. Embassy of Ireland, Moscow

2008 - ABC of the Moscow apartment. Magazine Umelec, Prague, Czech Republic, London, United Kingdom

2008 - Image and Color. MMMMI named after SD Erzi, the city of Saransk, Mordovia.

2009 - The beach. Tretyakov Gallery, St. Petersburg

2009 - Presentation of the album. Moscow International Exhibition Company, Ballroom

2010 - ART & Deco, New Manege, Moscow

2011 - Khudgraf-2011. MHVZ New Manege. Moscow

A new album of my works was published, 351 pages, 31x25, the publishing house of Kosta, St. Petersburg, printed in the August Borg printing house, 1000 copies.

2012 - Worlds of Lucy Voronova, gallery at Chistiye Prudy, Moscow

On the verge of complexity and simplicity, Veresov Gallery, Moscow

2013 - The naive exultation of the soul. Ryazan State Regional Art Museum of I.P.Pozhalostin.

Exhibition and creative evening, Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow

2014 - Women's image in art, ROSIZO, Moscow

2015 - Naive glee of the soul, Museum of Decorative and Applied and Folk Art, Moscow

2017 - Winter Garden, Ark Gallery, Moscow

2017 - Naive ... But, Moscow Museum of Modern Art

2017 - Proper time, gallery 21, Moscow, the collection of Alexander Mironov

2017 - Masterpieces of Soviet art. The legacy of a great country. Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow

2017 - PLAZANaiva, Nikolskaya PLAZA, Moscow

2018 - Flowers and fruits. Picture gallery. Balashikha, Moscow region.

2018 - New meetings. Graphic arts. Municipal Art Gallery, Kostroma

About the Foundation


Foundation for the Support of Art Lyucia Voronova is a non-profit organization established and registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in 2018.

 At the disposal of the Foundation is painting and graphics created by Voronova, archival material, sketches, workbooks, manuscripts, documents. The Foundation has a list of works by Lyucia Voronova indicating the name, technique and size of the works.

 Based on the charter and registered codes of activities, the Lyucia Voronova Foundation provides assistance in holding exhibitions, organizing events and other cultural initiatives aimed at promoting the author's work. In particular, it issues certificates of authenticity of works which is ultimate document when deciding on the authenticity.

 The Fund is open for the widest cooperation on the principles of integrity and mutual respect. All attracted funds, including those from the sale of works of art and printed products, are exclusively stent on the purposes described in the charter.


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